Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 5th-- Always stick to the system.

Today's lesson learned: Don't take any trade or take maximum 1 trade when your portfolio is performing well.
Winning trade: SQNS Profit: 12%
Losing Trade: PWER:  Loss: 4.85%

Why did I lose: 1. I justified a wrong entry signal just to make a far-fetched falling rectangle.
                        2. Didn't notice CMF was mainly below -0.1 during consolidation, which is a bad sign.
                        3. Exited at noon because I had to rush out and sold at the exact bottom again.

2011 July 1st-One Rational Trading and One Emotional Blunder

Overall, today was a good day, my portfolio has outperformed the market for more than 7 days in a row. However, I made one almost unforgivable mistake. We'll dig in later.
I closed out 2 positions today, JMP and POZN. 
1. JMP 
Enter Price: 5.99  
Exit Price: 7.12 
Profit: 22% 
Days Held: 5 days

Trade Entry Signal: V shape reversal with William % R and Full STO oversold, Bullish MACD crossover. 
Fundamental: P/E 15  EPS: 0.47 
Exit Signal: 6 long white candles followed by a doji. 

POZN is a fundamentally pretty strong stock with p/e around 6.5 and EPS 0.67, it was rated one of the most efficient pharmaceutical companies in America. 

Mistakes made: 
1. No clear Entry Signal. 
2. Let fear get in the way. 
3. MACD was showing positive divergence, no clear exit strategy at all. 
4. Got flushed out as weak hand, sold at exact the bottom around 4.18. It was a loss of 16%!!!